Mushroom Man

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Mushroom Man
Mushroom Man.png
Health ~150
Damage 8
Locations Enchanted Forest

Mushroom Man is an enemy that can be found in the Enchanted Forest. He has a slow walking speed, but can also quickly run after players.


The Mushroom Man has a relatively quick melee attack which hits for 8 damage. This attack can hit twice times in quick succession. He also has a ranged attack, where he attacks using a throwing knife. This attack is relatively slow, and the knife can be avoided easily by moving up or down, or evading.


The Mushroom Man is a basic enemy that can be killed relatively easily. However, his quick attacks make him slightly more deadly than other enemies, such as the Skeleton, and since he can attack both up close and from afar players should stay alert no matter where they are in a room.


  • Version 0.11:
    • Fixed graphical glitches of mushroom man and cyclop, when they got stunned.