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Damage Skeleton Sphere:

Melee Attack: 8 - 10

Locations Dungeon

Necromancers, also known as Necro Wizards are high rank enemies found in the Dungeon level. Although relatively weak in terms of firepower, their ability to summon more enemies make them no less of a threat than the Fire Wizard or the Ice Wizard, therefore should also be considered a priority target alongside the other two.


The Necromancer's main tactic is to summon a group of demonic Skeletons to attack the player, however he will also lob spheres of skeleton at the player and use a melee attack to defend himself. The Necromancer will teleport to another random location in the room either to avoid the player or after having received too many blows, making him a lot harder to defeat


Necromancers don't do much damage on their own, but the endless hordes of Skeletons they summon can become a real pain or even life-threatening depending on the number of enemies the player faces in the room. It is advisable that the player take Necromancers out prior to engaging with other enemies.

  • As with the Fire Wizard, the Necromancer also telegraphs his moves, with either a knock on the ground with his staff for summoning minions, or raising of his staff to lob a Skeleton Sphere. Players can use the fairly lengthy time during the animation to get into position and start attacking the Necromancer.
  • A Necromancer can only control a maximum of 3 Skeletons at any time, therefore players can attempt to minimise the threat from the Necromancer's minions by reducing them to their torso form so they can focus on bringing down the Necromancer.
  • The Necromancer can also be frozen and knock into a chasm just like the Fire Wizard, which is a good way to dispatch him quickly.


  • Version 1.2:
    • Fixed the bug which caused wizards to play the death sound effect twice.
  • Version 0.9:
    • Necromancer - summons demonic skeletons, throws balls of bones, teleports away when attacked.

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Challenge Description Reward

Wizard Buster

Kill 10 wizards +20% maximum mana