Open sesame

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Open-sesame.png Open 20 chests.

How to beat the challenge

A chest.
There are four different types of chest that players can open to make progress in this challenge:

Chests may be found randomly in rooms whilst playing. Some rooms, such as the Castle bridge in the Courtyard are guaranteed to have a chest. The Vault room features several chests, but is relatively rare. Players should explore any side rooms they come across to increase their chances of finding a chest.

Chests are opened via lockpicking. To lockpick a chest, players should walk up to it and press 'A' when using a keyboard, or 'B' when using an Xbox controller. The lockpicking screen will then appear. Locks are composed of three components - gold pins, grey pins and wood. In the lockpicking screen, the lockpick moves over these components and players must press the attack button ('A' on keyboard, or 'X' on an Xbox controller), moving the lockpick down and touching the component. Touching and pressing down all the gold pins moves the player to the next screen. Completing all screens opens the chest.

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