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Health ~150 - ~200
Damage ~10 - ~12
Locations Courtyard, Tomb

The Orc is an enemy in Rampage Knights. It can be found in the Courtyard and Tomb locations. It has both a melee and ranged attack, and may come with or without a shield. Versions with a shield must fist be disarmed using a Jump Attack (jump up and press the attack button in the air) or Dash Attack (hold attack button then press left or right) before they can be damaged.

Orc 1

Orc 1 has bright green skin and a helmet and attacks using a sword.

Orc 2

Orc 2 has darker green skin and attacks using a mace.


The Orc has a melee attack, where it attacks using it's mace or sword, causing approximately 10 - 12 damage. The backswing before this attack is relatively slow, allowing players to anticipate it and either move out of the way or disrupt the swing by attacking. However, if the first attack damages the player, the Orc may carry out a combo attack, hitting the player repeatedly in quick succession. The Orc also has a ranged attack, where it attacks using a throwing knife, causing approximately 10 damage. The knife is relatively slow, and can be avoided by moving slightly up or down, or evading.