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Oversized.png Kill a giant.

How to beat the challenge

To beat this challenge you have to kill 1 giant. Therea are 7 giant types in the game:

  1. Giant Bird
  2. Giant Brute
  3. Giant Cyclops
  4. Giant Devil
  5. Giant Ent
  6. Giant Ogre
  7. Giant Skeleton

You can kill giants by attacking them (D for keyboard or X for controller), throwing them off into pits/chasms or casting spells. Poisonous weapons and darts are extremely efficient vs giants, as well as freezing weapons. Mostly fighting a giant requires you to approach it, land around 3 attacks and then rolling away from it with evading (Shift for keyboard or X for controller - prefferred!) or teleporting (for battlemage) or jumping. There are different moves to approach giants - consult with the moves section in controls.

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Challenge Description Reward


Complete Grant Me Revenge, Crush and Oversized challenges. Unlocks Barbarian Class