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Rampage Knights update 1.7

New update is here!

Endless Dungeon

  • We added an Endless Dungeon game mode where you keep descending deeper and deeper into a neverending dungeon with challenges along the way.
  • The Endless Dungeon starts on a hard difficulty and increases difficulty after each boss battle a bit.
  • There is now a portal in the camp which you can use to enter a Shadow World or the Endless Dungeon. The Shadow World is not entered by talking to Tim anymore.
  • The Endless Dungeon is unlocked once you complete the campaign at least once.
  • In the Endless Dungeon passive items cannot stack (you can have only one instance of each passive item).
  • In the Endless Dungeon you can have only three familiars at once. You can have only one familiar of the same type.
  • Sword of the Underworld, Paladin's Belt, Amulet of Light and Magic Elven Leaf don't spawn in the Endless Dungeon.
  • Game tracks the maximum level reached in the Endless Dungeon which can be viewed in the statistics menu in the camp.
  • To make the endless mode more balanced, vitality is now capped at 200 and spell damage is capped at 50.
  • New achievement Rolf's Demise.

Gameplay changes and other new content

  • The game tracks how many times you have completed the Shadow World. Because the game didn't track this statistic before, it starts from 0 (sorry).
  • Added a new short level to the campaign following the dungeon level.
  • Dragon boss now has three variants - fire, poison and ice.
  • Demonic armor now regains 1 durability after each battle (not after each kill).
  • Player takes double damage from melee attacks of demons when having immunity to curses.
  • Projectiles (bees) spawned by Queen Bee item don't hit other player in co-op anymore.
  • Disabled snowing theme from holidays and reverted back to normal weather in the forest and the courtyard levels.
  • Locked faces in appearance menu in the camp show which challenges unlock them.
  • A chance for rooms with pits on insane difficulty is the same as for other difficulties, so there are less rooms with pits in a campaign in general.
  • Shadow World randomization does not save the players' look and class in their profile. When the Shadow World play is finished, the players are reset back to their original appearances.
  • Increased delay between consecutive attacks of Demonic Eye familiar.
  • Familiars don't shoot if there are no enemies in room.
  • Shuffle from the Wheel of Misfortune does not shuffle spellbooks, so spell damage is not lost.
  • Scroll of Black Magic gives spell damage +30 instead of +10.
  • Bean of Unnatural Growth gives +1 vitality in the endless mode (it still gives +2 in the normal campaign).
  • Freezing waves spawned by ice wizards (and thorn wave of the Slimehead boss) are stopped by pits and walls.
  • A new female hero: Fish Lady Warrior
  • New hats: Black Sombrero, Bowler, Toadstool Hat, Fez.
  • A New "Stay away!" emote.
  • Devil's Pact item graphics was changed so it cannot be mistaken for a scroll.
  • A new and stronger version of Ghoul for the second half of the campaign.
  • A new enemy Slasher with low health but massive damage.
  • Many pit rooms and spike rooms have been revised to make them less frustrating.
  • New types of explosive barrels: poison a ice barrels. This also affects the pyromancer curse.
  • Spitter totem can be jumped over but you get hit if you try to land on it.

Bug fixes and technical improvements

  • Freedom Giver should give patriotic clothing to all classes now.
  • Fixed a bug where waves spawned by ice wizards didn't spawn on ground tiles created by Scroll of Builder.
  • Fixed a bug where dying with appearance menu opened in the camp could make the player invulnerable.
  • Fixed pumpkin mob's chance to throw pumpkins being too high in situations when there are more than four pumpkins in a room.
  • Fixed bug where rolling spikeballs could fall into pits sometimes. That also caused strange sound behavior of the rolling sound.
  • Fixed a bug where upgrade from the Wheel of Misfortune was giving spell damage +10 instead of +5.
  • Fixed a bug where Medal of Light and Magic Elven Leaf didn't remove curses/diseases when picked up.
  • Fixed a bug where giants who slipped on banana peel could not be hit while wobbling.
  • Fixed a bug where frozen beholder disappears for a while when hit from uppercut attack.
  • When you connect to an online game where someone else has played before, you won't get the class of the previous player anymore. You get weapon, items and status effects from the character of the previous player, but your appearance and class will use your preferred setting from your profile. Note that this may result in some items being dropped. For example if you connect as a warlock to a character who had familiars, the familiars will be dropped since warlock cannot have familiars. The same can happen for armor with barbarian class and boots with pirate class.
  • Windows: The game is now high DPI aware so it can run natively in 4k resolutions. This fixes fullscreen not working properly on 4k monitors with custom scaling level other than 100%.

Rampage Knights update 1.6

Merry Christmas! Here's a little present for those of you who can't imagine family holiday without gutting demons and crushing skeleton skulls. We've added several new deadly contraptions and life threatning conditions to amp up the challenge of the deadly depths of the dark castle! Endless mode didn't make it to this update but we will bring it in the next one.

New features

  • New mid-game boss Pits and the Pendulum.
  • You can now view some basic statistics of your hero in the camp (total kills, rooms explored etc). Look at the chalkboard on the wagon next to Mighty Maximus.
  • It's snowing in the enchanted forest!
  • You can now encouter new rooms with dangerous objects: rolling spikeballs, fire spitting gargoyles, and acid spitting pipes.
  • New type of shop with unique powerful items. Vampire shop sells various buffs for your hero but you have to pay with your vitality!
  • New blessing Lightning Fast: You move fast around and swing all weapons with maximum speed.
  • New blessing Finder's Luck: You have a big chance for loot from enemies and decorations.
  • New blessing Blessing of Vigor: You get full health in every new room.
  • New blessing Heavenly Protection: You get all immunities.
  • New disease Food Poisoning: Eating food makes you sick (HP -1).
  • New disease Fat Disease: Food randomly makes you fat and slow. You destroy your armor and belt and you cannot wear a new one until you loose weight.
  • New disease Big Feet Disease: Your swolen feet destroy your boots but you kicks and stomp harder.
  • New disease Chicken Disease: Sometimes you need to lay an egg. You cannot help it!
  • New curse Alchemist's Nightmare: All potions have random effect on you.
  • New curse Cursed Treasures: Demons are springing out of opened chests.

Fixes & changes

  • Protector's plate armor has finite durability.
  • Beam from Demonic Eye familiar does not hit the other player in co-op and its power is more balanced.
  • Magic carpet speed raised from 80 to 100.
  • Magic carpet is not visible at the bottom of screen in the final boss fight.
  • Mysterious potion does not keep empty replenishing potion in inventory if replenishing effect is triggered.
  • Fixed a problem with players not showing in Steam client's "recent games".
  • Fixed a bug when host could crash if client disconnects while joining public online game. We still don't know why clients disconnects, but at least it should not crash the host anymore.

Rampage Knights update 1.5

In this update we finally bring public online games and lobby browser to the game. Enjoy wonderful world of online gaming with strangers!


  • Online lobby browser. The list of games is sorted by distance. For best latency choose games from the beginning of the list.
  • You can choose to host public or private games. Public games are visible to all players and can be joined by anyone. Private games can be joined only by people from your friend list.
  • You can use emotes to communicate with strangers in multi-player. The emotes menu is opened by E key on keyboard by default (Dpad-Up on controller).
  • Support for more DirectInput controllers without need to configure them in Steam Big Picture mode. This should also fix issues with Logitech RumblePad 2 being detected by Steam but not detected by the game.
  • Mysterious Potion cannot trigger Grand Vizier's Terrifying Transmutator effect anymore.
  • Columns do not hide familiars in one of the "pet shops" anymore.
  • Casting magic while standing on Flying Carpet won't temporarily change the player's speed anymore.
  • A beam from Demonic Eye familiar works properly in the final boss room.
  • Mighty Foot no longer spawns from a demonic altar if player has curse immunity.
  • Fixed a bug when player got stuck after he used Scroll of Builder in the room before the final boss encounter and walked over the edge.
  • Fixed description of Syringe. It gives 20 HP regeneration, not full regeneration.
  • Surgery cloth renders properly now when you pick up Mechanical Arms while standing on Flying Carpet.

Rampage Knights update 1.4

Halloween update is here! It’s not as big as we hoped, because we spent much more time solving networking problems than we expected. But it still brings a lot of new items and some of them are really crazy! Check out new Infinijump of brutal Mechanical Arm to see, what I’m talking about. Good news is that we still have many ideas that didn’t make it here due to time constraints and we intent to improve the game even more.

New items

  • Mechanic Arms - HOLD attack button to swing. You can't dash anymore.
  • Syringe - You fully heal in every new room, if you have a disease.
  • Nightcrawler's Eyes - +20% critical hit chance in dark rooms.
  • Salamander's Oil - Strongly inceases damage to enemies from poisoning and burning.
  • Steel Springs - Your jumps are huge.
  • Infinijump - You can jump midair. Forever.
  • Molten Mittens - You burn enemies on touch. Immunity to fire.
  • Guy Fawkes' Flying Head - Familiar. Throws bombs around randomly.
  • Demonic Eye - Familiar. Shoots beams of energy.
  • Queen Bee - Sends bees on enemies when they appear.
  • Devil's Pact - Signed with blood! You will be ressurected upon death but cursed!
  • Freedom Giver - Delivers freedom to your enemies.
  • Plague Bearer - You poison everything. Your poisoning cannot be cured.
  • Rotten Cheese - Putrid stench around it deals poison damage to enemies.
  • Bodybuilder's Magic Juice potion - Strength +3. Size +5%. Vitality -5%.
  • Grand Vizir's Terrifying Transmutator potion - Swaps you strength and vitality.

Other changes and fixes

  • A new pumpkin enemy which drops deadly pumpkins.
  • A new disease Treasure Chest Phobia. You get it after failing in lockpiking repeatedly.
  • A new blessing King of Ice. Chills all enemies.
  • Bottomless Pouch gives 3 pieces of gold instead of 1.
  • You cannot pick lit bombs with Serious Bomberman item anymore (this feature was breaking the game's balance). Instead you get 25 bombs when the Bomberman is picked.
  • You can now find parrot familiar during the game or in pet shops.
  • Fixed bug where hero could receive poison status and Elven Armor together in Shadow World.
  • Objects like barrels, explosive barrels, pumpkings and other like that can no longer spawn directly in front of the doors.
  • Some performance optimizations.

Rampage Knights update 1.3

This update makes the changes from the "Beta" version public along with other small fixes.

We have been working on improvements and fixes of the networking implementation to address lags some people are experiencing in online co-op. We have completly rewritten big chunk of the multiplayer implementation and the code that synchronizes inputs between the host and the client.

We have implemented several new optimizations that should help the game run better in online mode and also on slower computers and notebooks. These are major changes with possible unforseen consequences, so if you experience any issues or crashes please report them in the Community Hub's Discussions.

There is a new "Network rate" option available in the game. The option specifies how frequently the game sends packets between the host and the client. We recommend keeping the network rate at "fast" unless you experience some networking issues. (For example, if you are on wi-fi network and you see freezes or lags, you can try to set the network rate to medium.) Slower network rates are less demanding on your connection but the movement of enemies and other player may seem more jerky.

Gameplay changes and fixes:

  • Assassin always uses stomp on ghoul heads instead of assassination skill.
  • Ghoul heads cannot be hit by melee attacks. You can kill them by stomping or dashing.
  • Pirate's parrot cannot hit ghoul heads lying on the ground.
  • Damage taken after drinking Mountainer's Schnaps potion does not hit hero's armor or divine shield.
  • Effects from Mountainer's Schnaps and Buff from the Pit are stackable.
  • When pirate gets drunk by drinking from keg, the regeneration is triggered immediately.
  • Achievement Friendship is Magic is now properly rewarded in local co-op game.
  • Mod items are showing proper (big) icon in the "last acquired" panel.
  • Victory screen scroll is no longer cut off in 4:3 resolution.
  • Fixed bug where skins from items and status effects were not applied properly during ressurect animation in online co-op.
  • Sometimes in online co-op with high pings the "death fanfare" was played twice or it was played even if no hero really died. This could also happen for sound played when a golden chest was opened. This bug is now fixed.

Network fixes:

  • Complete rewrite of multiplayer implementation and input synchronization between the host and the client to address lags some people are experiencing.
  • Added "Network rate" option to control frequency of network updates between the host and the client.
  • Fixed "desync" and "input frame mismatch" errors.
  • Fixed crash when trying to continue saved online game on clients.

If you were participating in the "Beta" build, we recommend you to switch back to public version. We may use the beta branch for testing in future which can make the game more unstable and bugged temporarily.

How to switch back to public version:

  • In your Steam library, right click on Rampage Knights and click "Properties".
  • Select "BETAS" tab. Click the list below and select "NONE - Opt out of all beta programs." item in the list.
  • Click close. Steam should automatically switch to non-beta build. You should see "Rampage Knights" instead of "Rampage Knights [beta]" in your Steam library.

Version 1.3 BETA (online co-op fixes)

We have been working on improvements and fixes of the networking implementation to address lags some people are experiencing during online co-op. Networking problems are really hard to debug but we think the changes are ready for testing.

Because the changes are substantial and there might be bugs we didn't catch, we are releasing this update as "beta" build. This means the update won't be downloaded automatically unless you choose to participate in the test (see below how). We would appreciate your help with the test, especially if you are experiencing multi-player lags. Besides the lags this update should also fix "input frame mismatch" crash, "desync" errors and some other online bugs.

In the options menu there is a new option "Network rate". We recommend to keep this set at "Fast" but if you are experiencing networking issues you can try different settings. The slower network rates make the game "stutter" more but they also use less network bandwith. However, any moderate internet connection should be able to handle the "Fast" just fine.

How to test the "beta" build:

  • In your Steam library, right click on Rampage Knights and click "Properties".
  • Select "BETAS" tab. Click the list below and select "beta - " item in the list. Leave beta access code empty.
  • Click close. Steam should automatically download the beta build. You should see "Rampage Knights [beta]" in your Steam library.

To switch back to default version of Rampage Knights, use the same method but select "NONE - opt out of all beta programs" from the list. We recommend you to switch back from the beta build once we release the final 1.3 version to public.

Note that this beta version is available for Windows only.

Version 1.2

Patch 1.2 is out!

Gameplay changes and fixes:

  • New faces for female hero. Hat skins hide female hair correctly.
  • Hero's jump is a little bit longer.
  • Battlemage has correct spell damage bonus on start.
  • Arcane ball is twice stronger, but recharges slower.
  • Ice wizards don't attack so frequently and they don't start attacking when their target is already frozen.
  • Giants and large enemies reacts to banana peels.
  • Lying enemies with shield can be stomped and assassinated.
  • Assassin always use stomp to kill torso enemies instead of using assassination.
  • Enemies hit by Sparkling Orb play hit animations.
  • Lightning Rod and Sparkling Orb don't break shields but enemies cannot block the damage.
  • Fixed bug where players with giant's strength could not hit enemies with Sparkling Orb.
  • On casual difficulty full health is restored at the beginning of each level.
  • Fixed bug where Teleporter Stone nad Battlemage's teleport could put the player outside of room.
  • Hit counter increases even if you hit enemies with 0 dmg by Ethereal sword.
  • Crank curse heals players even if an enemy is hit with 0 dmg by Ethereal sword, as long as the hit is not blocked by shield.
  • Curse Tainted Blood reduces vitality by 25% instead of 50%.
  • Crank curse cannot be automatically obtained at the beginning of the levels on insane difficulty.
  • Barriers spawned by the final boss can be destroyed by projectiles.
  • Removed "floatiness" of the player's flying controls in the final boss fight.
  • Ground flame traps are not counted as spikes (but they still can be destroyed by iron boots). They don't do damage until flames are visible.
  • Player on flying carpet doesn't take damage from spikes.
  • Player with iron boots on flying carpet won't destroy spikes.
  • Pirate's parrot doesn't talk so often.
  • Mighty foot marker is not covered by flying carpet.
  • "Sep", the poisoneous green haired demon, is now immune to poison.
  • Giant Knight's shield breaks down properly.
  • No more than 5 decorations can be animated at once from curse animate.
  • Fixed missing animations of some decorations animated by curse animate.
  • Fixed crash when Scroll of Transmogrification was used on some weapons.
  • Training skeletons in camp do not count towards the Gooooooal! and Breaking Through achievements.
  • Fixed bug where giants could be knocked-out when attacked with uppercut while frozen. Now wobble is triggered instead.
  • Fixed bug where teleporting to spikes didn't do damage to the player for one second.
  • Crates can be hit by projectiles.
  • Fixed wizards playing death sound twice.
  • Sound for roll and double jump whizzing is quieter.
  • Fixed some typos in achievements and parrot texts.
  • Fixed bug where closing ingame menu with vsync disabled could make the pirate drink his rum.

Networking and technical changes and fixes:

  • Implemented online co-op save. If the host quits the game in progress, the game is saved and you can continue the game later the same way as in single-player and local co-op games. If the hosting player is ghost, make sure the client connects quickly, otherwise game over will be triggered.
  • Fixed some networking bugs/crashes when the client reconnects quickly to the host or when synchronization of the client with the host failed.
  • Fixed networking bug where the host could get frozen when the client was not disconnected properly.
  • Added option to disable controller support in the game for people who use external utilities for mapping controller buttons to keyboard keys.
  • Improved performance by preventing too many overlapping blood stains on ground.
  • Updated to newer version of sound library the game uses.

Version 1.1

The release of Rampage Knights is here! After 5 months in Early Access the game is finally ready.

Big thanks to everyone who was supporting us during the Early Access. We must have one of the nicest community out there! Thanks for all the suggestions, feedback and moral support. It helped a lot to get the games to this state. The work is not over for us. We will continue to gather suggestions from the discussion board and we are going to improve the game according to your feedback.

Here are few last minute changes in the game:

Version 1.1

  • Fixed skin for female characters. Power Gloves and Kraken Idol change female hands properly.
  • Fixed bug with spawning enemies. Boomers and Giant Knights spawn again in the game.
  • Fixed minor bug with Beholder's death particles.
  • Using altar cost 10 gold (except demonic altars).
  • Casual difficulty unlocks after 3 death instead of 5 (Please Don't Hurt Me! achievement).
  • Gold Rush event triggered from altars generates more gold now. Achievement El Dorado requires 70 gold to be collected during the Gold Rush event.
  • You have to pay 13 gold to play cards with the devil.
  • Credits added to the main menu.
  • Shadow world randomization does not give player lowest tier weapons.
  • Projectiles fired by the warlock's familiars do not hit the other player in co-op.
  • Fixed bug in online co-op where the client could crash when connecting to the host and between level transitions.

Update #19 (version 0.24)

The release date is quickly approaching. We keep polishing and fixing many aspects of the game. This update focuses mostly on adding more variability to the first forest level. There's also a ton of little adjustments and fixes.

List of the changes:

  • Intro is now animated.
  • Shops can contain armors, belts, potions and scrolls now.
  • Added one more shop to Gothic level. Now there are at least three shops per run.
  • Added new rooms that can spawn in the Forest: "troll" bridge, rooms with pits, rocky ledge and rooms with long grass.
  • Forest Den in the forest is always on the path to the exit so it cannot be missed.
  • A fence was added to Graveyard rooms to make them more distinctive.
  • New Iron Maiden treasure room can spawn in the castle.
  • There are more rooms with pits and spikes in the castle.
  • Elven Armor was changed. It gives immunity to poison and diseases.
  • Hit counter does not increment when a player hits for 0 dmg. Hitting enemies with shields no longer builds the hit counter up.
  • Achievement Whip It Good cannot be cheated by hitting enemies with shield or the Slime Head boss.
  • Hitting totems of death does heal the player with Crank.
  • Weapons effects triggered by critical hits do not trigger by hitting indestructible decorations.
  • Fixed bug where hitting the Slime Head's shoulder while stomping made the boss stuck nad not attacking anymore.
  • Fixed bug where Divine Intervetion blessing didn't remove all curses from the player.
  • Fixed tooltip to skip the ending cinematic which sometimes showed a wrong text.
  • Fixed bug where entering the main menu from the intro could leave the menu zoomed in and partially out of the screen.
  • Fixed bug where new players could get a face which was not unlocked.
  • Added option to disable blood particles and blood stains.
  • Added option to only show health bars when an enemy is damaged or to disable health bars completely.
  • Added sorrowful fanfare on death.
  • Female barbarian has specific body sprites and does not show "pecs" bubble when refusing to pick up armors.

Update #18 (version 0.23)

As you know, the release is just behind the doors. We are pretty busy preparing all the stuff that is needed for the release: trailer, materials for press etc. We are in the middle of replacing some temporary stuff in the game intro and outro, fixing last fatal bugs and improving the expecience for new players. This update brings improved ending cinematic, improved "training graveyard" in camp for new players to learn basic attacks, new fullscreen mode and option to select custom resolutions, and some improvements in the networking code to reduce lags caused by client/server synchronization on connect.

List of the changes:

  • Temporary ending cinematic replaced with a new one, followed by parade of enemies.
  • Improved training area in the left part of the camp, with tips on how to perform various attacks. Added training skeleton with shield to let new players learn how to break shields.
  • The stats screen on TAB now shows description of the last acquired item. This includes descriptions of curses, diseases and other effects (divine intervention, buff from the pit etc). Increased sizes of various texts.
  • Divine intervention effect removes all curses from the hero who used the altar.
  • Constructs spawned by the Dwarven Contraption item are not destroyed automatically after a timeout. You don't have to fear falling intro a pit anymore when stading on the bridge created by the Dwarven Contraption.
  • Pirate's Rum received at the start doesn't count towards the Tasty Bewerage achivevement to prevent cheating.
  • Icicle sword freezes only some enemies on kill (randomly selected) instead of freezing all enemies in the room (still OP :) ).
  • Final boss: Reduced the duration of the phase of the battle where the boss leaves the screen for some time after his HP is halved.
  • Minor fixes: weapon prices, animation glitch of knights, removed pivot point markers from various sprites.
  • Networking: A system has been implemented which prevents lagging when players are moving from one level to another. The host now waits until the client is fully connected and synchronized. This also prevents lags when the client connects to the host for the first time.
  • Networking: Improved algorithm which handles situations when no networking packets are received for some time. The game should now recoved faster which should help reduce duration of lags when there are some problems with connection.
  • New resolution and display mode settings. There are now three video modes - windowed, fullscreen and "windowed (fullscreen)". Custom resolution can be selected for the windowed and fullscreen modes.
  • The newly addded fullscreen mode is the "true" fullscreen mode usually used by games where the game gets exclusive access to the display. On some systems switching between applications may not be allowed in this mode but you can get better performance. We also hope that this mode can solve the issues with FPS some people are having on Windows 10.
  • The game previously used "windowed (fullscreen)" mode. This mode doens't block other applications and message box, but also doesn't allow custom resolution and may cause performance issues on some systems.
  • By default the game now uses the fullscreen mode. ALT+Enter switches between windowed and fullscreen modes.

Update #17 (version 0.22)

List of the changes:

  • Steam achievements. When you unlock a challenge, corresponding Steam achievement is also unlocked. When you first start this update the game will upload all unlocked challenges to the Steam. Reseting player progress in the settings menu will reset only the in-game challenges and rewards, but it will not reset the Steam achivements.
  • Insane difficulty is more difficult. There are more spikes and pits in the castle and players get random disease or curse at the beginning of every level.
  • Man at War challenge unlocks Shadow World. Talk to Tim, the Alchemist in the camp. Shadow World is a crazy broken mode for players who are able to beat insane difficulty. Don't take it too seriously :)
  • New achievement Through Looking-Glass.
  • Assassin doesn't receive throwing weapons at the start anymore.
  • Assassin with fatigue does roll now instead of doing nothing when you press evade button.
  • Players which completed Uncle Scrooge challenge start with 25 coins.
  • Rewards for challenges should be complete now. Also there are new hats and faces to unlock.
  • A hero skin suspiciously resembling Coach is back!
  • Weapon prices have been adjusted to make them more affordable.
  • Health of enemies and damage of their attack have been adjusted. The enemies should die faster, but they hit slightly harder. This should speed up the combat, but also make it riskier.
  • Minor fixes of graphical glitches on rampart.
  • Hero stats on TAB shows name of the current level.
  • The engine has an improved way to handle frame control when Vsync is enabled. Hopefully this will help people who experience FPS stuttering here and there.

Update #16 (version 0.21)

New features and changes:

  • Local co-op is supported now. It runs in shared screen instead of split screen. Players must leave room together. This feature required many changes and hacks in the code so bugs and crashes should be expected. Please test thoroughly if you can.
  • In local co-op HUD is rearranged to show elements for both player.
  • In local co-op both players share the same profile. Kills and other statistics are counted together. It doesn't matter who completes a challenge, it is triggered only once and both players benefit from the reward.
  • Local co-op supports save/load the same way single-player does. You can quit a game and continue later.
  • All bosses are enabled again.
  • Fights with mid-game bosses are not started automatically. Slime Head wakes up when he's hit for the first time. Dragon breaks through the wall when a dragon egg is destroyed. Legion is triggered by a lever. This gives the players time to prepare.
  • Adjusted HP of the bosses to make them tougher. Also the bosses have bonus HP in co-op (previously only the final boss had higher HP in co-op).
  • Slime Head's "push roar" is shorter, but stronger.
  • Slime Head doesn't close his eye immediately after hit to give players chance to hit him more often.
  • Totems of Death have higher HP in co-op mode.
  • Beholder enemy is fixed. It has a proper melee and ranged attack now and spawns some demons on death.
  • Bean of Unnatural Growth is no longer playing male animation for female character when its effect triggers.
  • Spellbooks have smaller chance to drop.
  • Hero stats on TAB show currently selected difficulty.
  • Input from all gamepads is merged together in menus so any player can control the menus when playing local co-op.
  • Female character has proper skins for different armors and classes.
  • Giants have different sounds and weapons. Giant Skeleton does poison damage. Nether Lord does cold damage. Giant Devil does fire damage.
  • NPC in camp have some sounds.
  • New faces: Cyborg (male and female version), Ash, Bearded Lady.
  • HITS counter shows its effect on damage.
  • Fixed room maps, where enemies could spawn out of reach (without levitation).

Update #15 (version 0.20)

This update brings new boss to the game - Legion. Hope you like it!

List of the changes:

  • The last mid-game boss Legion has been added. (We set the chance to meet the Legion to 100% in this upate for testing.)
  • Bosses have larger health bars.
  • Enemies spawned by Slime Head boss do only melee attacks (they do not throw daggers).
  • Fixed crash when Bean of Unnatural Growth tried to spawn its effect on a hero who is a ghost.
  • The engine now uses different system for measuring time on Windows. Hopefully this may help some people experiencing lags in single- or multi-player. The game should also work better on systems with 120Hz monitors.
  • Vertical synchronization (Vsync) can now be enabled/disabled from Video Settings.

Update #14 (version 0.19)

In this update we have focused on properly implementing all effects of the existing weapons in the game as well as adding brand new weapons. We have more than 70 weapons in the game now.

Previously many weapons had incorent descriptions and were not working properly. After this update all the weapons should work as intended. If you find anything not behaving as described in the item info please report it as a bug.

  • More than 20 new weapons with various effects including: weapons which drops ice axes or meteors from the sky, weapon which increases damage with every curse and disease, weapon which can hit all enemies in room and many more. And we also added powerful Mjolnir!
  • A new item Bean of Unnatural Growth - .
  • A new item Ring of Brutal Beatdown - .
  • Rum and Jumping Potion drop rates increased.
  • A new health potion of medium power. Potions now heal for 20,40 and 80 HP.
  • A keg has been placed in the kitchen.
  • Animated big pot has correct particles.
  • 3 new variations of the castle bridge room.
  • One extra weapons drop in the Courtyard.
  • Ass diseases have new sounds.
  • Beams from Force Gem familiar do not break shields anymore.
  • Weapons which trigger some effect on kill works on any kill caused by the player holding the weapon now. This includes kills by stomping, smashing against the ground or walls, throwing into chasms etc.
  • Fixed crash when entering final boss room with pyromancer curse.

Update #13 (version 0.18)

Pirate class

  • Pirate has a cannon which replaces his dash attack. Cannon ball knocks enemies back, crushes shields and its damage grows with your weapon damage.
  • Parrot pecks enemies once in a while if they get close.
  • While drunk the pirate fully regenerates in every new room.
  • Drunken Master effect: All classes has 50% chance to automatically dodge incoming damage while drunk.


  • Increased values to unlock Adept of Magic, Librarian, Breaking Through, Gooooooal! and Color of Magic challenges.
  • Demolition Man counts number of enemies hit with explosions now (instead of enemies killed with explosions).
  • Grand Slam counts number of enemies slammed to the ground with the uppercut attack (instead of kills).
  • Locked items in the camp show names of the challenges which unlocks them.
  • Showing % of how many challenges are completed.

Other changes

  • Now you can drop the currently selected item to the ground (for your friend to use in co-op game). On keyboard it's done by F key by default (can be remapped in options). On gamepad it's done by the Directional pad's Down button.
  • Reworked skin for Cyclops' Laser Eye.
  • New hats: Antlers, Cook's Hat, Safari Hat, Racer's Helmet, Beer Cap, Wyrd Sister's Hat
  • Four new female faces.
  • Enabled Hard difficulty: Permadeath. Increased damage to hero on hit. Increased enemy health. More enemies in battles.
  • Enabled Insane difficulty: Permadeath. Increased damage to hero on hit. Increased enemy health. More enemies in battles. Vitality penalty -10.
  • Now you can reset your progress in main menu in options > game settings. This will reset any progress of your hero, all the completed challenges and any game in progress.
  • When joining multi-player game the game shows status of the connection instead of a black screen.
  • Fixed a bug where enemy kill was sometimes not counted by challenges when the enemy was kicked or thrown from a grab.
  • Fixed a bug where hero's body scale was not refreshed properly when switching gender in the camp.

The previous versions of the game was shipped with some internal debugging option enabled which caused the game to create some binary file on your disk each time a level was completed or the game was quit. These files can be deleted if you don't want these files to occupy your disk space.

On Windows these debugging files were saved in "Rampage Knights" directory in "Documents" (the directory where the game stores config file). On Mac the files were saved in "~/Library/Applications Support/Rampage Knights" directory. The files are named "save_" followed by some numbers and ".bin" suffix. For example "save_20150702_204745_0.bin". Each of these files has around 50kB and can be safely deleted.

Update #11 (version 0.16)

This is our first update concerning progression in the game. It's just a basic framework, but we will be filling it up the next week, along with implementation of the game difficulty option.

Currently we have the first few challenges for unlocking classes and we are ready to count some simple statistics in the game. More unusual stuff will come later.

The classes remain unlocked in this version for the sake of testing, but you can still check your numbers to see, how are you progressing towards the different classes. We will appreciate any info about how quickly (or slowly) are you gaining those numbers. Any suggestions to lower or pump up the numbers are welcome.


  • Initial implementation of in-game challenges (achievements). Check Mighty Maximus in the Camp.
  • New and more unified design of menus in camp.
  • Damage done by Cyclops' Laser Eye and Arcane Ball is affected by spell damage.
  • Fixed bug where player gets stuck when flying over banana peel in the final level.
  • Deadzone setting for gamepads was split into two settings - deadzone for analog sticks and deadzone for analog triggers. This should help people having issues with triggers on the Xbox one controller.

Update #10 (version 0.15)

New stuff:

  • Now you can quit single-player campaign and your current progress is saved. You can continue the game in progress later.
  • New item Powerful Gloves - Thrown objects do higher damage and fly straight line at any distance. The hero can grab standing enemies.
  • New item Kraken's Idol - Turns you into a crab warrior with high critical damage and some crab allies to help in combat.
  • New item Wooly Socks - Hero doesn't trigger breakable bridges and can move freely over all spikes.
  • New mount Yaga's Mortar for the final sky battle.

Fixes & Changes:

  • The Thing now fires meat meteors (physical damage) instead of fiery ones. Also has new sounds and animations.
  • Mighty foot is a curse now.
  • Hero cannot get crank and mighty foot curses from standard altars, only from demonic altars.
  • No stone particles when hero is rolling with levitation over chasm.
  • Fixed networking crash happening when the game pauses if no networking packets were received from the second player for too long.
  • Fixed crash which could happen under rare circumstances when vampire enemy transforms into vampire bat.

Update #9 (version 0.14)

Hooray! The long awaited update is here! This was a hard one. Phew! But the epic battle with the castle master is finally in the game now.

It still needs a lot of polishing and the transitions between the phases are quite rough, but it is functional. The potential for improvement is high. We plan to add more mounts, more power-ups (we only have health-up now) and more variety to minions in the last phase.

I cannot comment on balance... it's probably pretty broken, so be prepared for anything. We managed to beat it with adventurers and battlemages quite easily. Warlocks are probably screwed right now :). There are some exploitative strategies, but it was too much to take care of everything in this update. So take it as the first iteration.

Let us know, what you think and throw your suggestions in discussion board as always. Have fun!

Update #8 (version 0.13)

Today's update is bringing two new classes. They are probably completely out of balance, but still a lot of fun. We have our first spell casting class and a weird class depending on his fireball spitting familiars.

New stuff:

  • Battlemage class - Instead of evasive rolling battlemage uses evade button to cast one of his four basic spells. Spells are cast by holding the evade button and pressing attack, jump, use, or pick up button (trigger+X/Y/A/B on gamepad).
  • Warlock class - Warlock has low vitality but killing enemies will summon and upgrade demonic familiars for him to help in battle. Any familiar upgraded to maximum level prevents warlock from dying. Warlock cannot pick other familiars (they are too scared to join).
  • Protector's Plate armor - protects you from all projectiles.

Fixes: F* ixed bug where gamepad's deadzone was effectively bigger than it should have been. Even if deadzone was set to 0% some deadzone filtering was applied. Now you don't have to swing the thumbstick so much to make the hero move. If you find the new behavior too sensitive just increase the deadzone in the options menu.

  • Iron boots break spikes even when assassin is invisible.
  • Fixed Big Oak in forest not playing animation when given gold.
  • Fixed bats not showing sparks above their heads when stunned.
  • Bombastick's ignition delay changed to 10 seconds.
  • Stomping animation is slightly faster.
  • Fixed various glitches with skins, particles and other stuff.

Update #7 (version 0.12)

Come closer and behold! Enjoy the new exotic attractions of our haunted castle! Roll your fate on the mysterious Wheel of Misfortune, if you dare! Tremble in sight of the deadly Totems of Death! Buy a new friend in our Pet Shop! And after all that excitement, you can refresh yourself with tasty beverages from our brand new Potion Cabinet!

Added new rooms which can spawn in the castle:

  • Potion Cabinet.
  • Pet Shop.
  • Totems of Death.
  • Wheel of Misfortune.

Other changes

  • (Hopefully) fixed networking crash on client when new level is started.
  • Changed algorithm which selects fights in the rooms so we have better control over the fights when adding new special rooms. The system should be similar to how it worked previously, but if you find something suspicious, let us know.

Update #6 (version 0.11)

Unfortunatelly we still don't have the final boss for this update. The boss in it's current state feels too much like an ordinary enemy, so we want to try different ideas. Meanwhile we had time for some small fixes and tweeks based on reported issues, so this is only a minor update to the game.

  • Added a freezing familiar.
  • Fixed everlasting buff from War Horn when hero leaved previous level while the buff was still active.
  • Icons on HUD for temporary effects (War Horn buff, chilled effect) are animated, showing when the effects will disappear.
  • Chicken familiar doesn't drop eggs anymore when hero hits himself with arcane orb.
  • Enabled SlimeHead boss again - after the Tomb level there is either SlimeHead or Dragon, selected randomly.
  • Left/right bumbers (shoulders) on gamepads cycle through non-empty inventory slots only.
  • Added "next/prev item" keyboard bindings so they can be remapped for people using Joy2Key. These controls cycle through non-empty inventory slots.
  • Fixed graphical glitches of mushroom man and cyclop, when they got stunned.
  • Bigger hit box of the dragon's head.

Update #4 (version 0.10)

In this update we have added a new Ice Wizard enemy and completed the trio of the wizards which are using necro, fire and ice magic. But the main feature of this update is a new boss. Tell us what you think - is the Dragon boss too easy? Too hard? We need to know! :)

  • New boss - Dragon.
  • To test the new Dragon boss we have temporarily disabled the Slime Head boss in this update. So after finishing the Tomb level you will always be facing the Dragon.
  • New Ice Wizard enemy - throws ice shards to heroes, spawns freezing waves, teleports away on damage.
  • Hero can now get frozen and chilled (slower movement and weapon speed).
  • Fixed crash when vampire enemy was smashed down to the ground from an uppercut.
  • Flying carpet finally doesn't trigger breakable bridge tiles.
  • Minor fixes of graphics. Minor adjustments of damages, explosion areas, offhand items' mana consumption and other balancing issues.
  • Some new sound effects.

Update #3 (version 0.9)

The main changes in this update are revamped wizard enemies found in the later levels, implementation of new weather effects to add some atmosphere variety to the starting levels and "multipick" to make picking of throwing weapons easier. In the following updates we will probably focus on adding new bosses to the game.

New features

  • There can be rainy or stormy weather in the forest and courtyard levels.
  • Multipick - when picking a throwing weapon all nearby throwing weapons of the same type are picked together.
  • New Necromancer and Wizard enemies which replace the old broken lich enemy.
  • Necromancer - summons demonic skeletons, throws balls of bones, teleports away when attacked.
  • Wizard - throws meteors on nearby heroes, fires fan of fireballs, teleports away when attacked.
  • New holy water potion - removes single random curse.

Fixes and changes

  • Crank is now a curse. Crank drops health at a slower rate.
  • Firecrackers boots recharges after 10 seconds (instead of 7).
  • Wooden chests don't play fanfare when opened. Fixed fanfare which sometimes played twice in multiplayer.
  • Golden Magic Banana - Only one banana peel is spawned on a critical hit.
  • Flying carpet ignores banana peels and doesn't trigger breakable bridge tiles.
  • Enemies trapped in a dwarven contraption device take damage periodically.
  • Enemies with shields trapped in dwarven contraption device or frozen do not block melee hits anymore.
  • Torturer spawns proper head sprites when decapitated or gibbed.
  • Offhand items: slower recharge of mana (especially for the decoy).
  • Burn and poison effects of items are slightly stronger.
  • Schnaps hits for only 1 hp now.

Update #2 (version 0.8)

Second update is here! It contains some new items and various fixes. There are finally few items which can remove curses although they are pretty rare. We also raised hitpoints of some enemies which can be found later in the game.

New Items

  • Scroll of Blessings - gives a random blessing
  • Scroll of Escape - opens doors
  • Scroll of Redemption - removes curses
  • Scroll of Freeze - freezes all enemies in the room
  • Scroll of Transmogrification - transforms all items in the room randomly
  • Scroll of Duping - duplicates a random item near you
  • Scroll of Builder - covers all chasms in the room with platforms
  • Juggler's Magic Mirror - throwing weapons shoot one extra projectile backwards
  • Juggler's Wondrous Triplicator - throwing weapons shoot 3 projectiles instead of one
  • Goldjaw - you can eat gold for health
  • Flying Carpet - makes you levitate
  • Paladin's Belt - gives you immunity to curses


  • Golden Magic Banana grants only +10 vitality but can be stacked. Every critical hit spawns banana peels. Watch your steps!
  • Thief's Mask affects only small coins, for each mask hero receives 1 extra coin.
  • Frostblade weapon and Frost Boots don't require mutliple (critical) hits to freeze big enemies. Frozen enemy resets its frozen duration when frozen again.
  • Implemented new sound system which better handles situations when many sounds are played at once or within a short amount of time. Tweaked how sounds change volume and panning near edges of the screen.
  • Cave in the forest has a more visible entrance.
  • Beggar curse spawns less stones to prevent hundreds of stones in a room.
  • Projectiles and fireballs now hit barrels.
  • Decapitated archers should drop correct heads.
  • Fixed tooltips and controls when playing cards - on gamepad B (use-item) stops playing, X, Y and A (attack, jump and pick-up) flips the selected card.
  • Optimized performance in rooms with many bridge tiles.
  • Intro is skipped at start if it was already played before.

Update #1 (version 0.7)

Our first update! We were pretty busy last week contacting press and youtubers and managing all the stuff needed for the Early Access release. So this update contains mostly fixes of the major bugs reported by the players and some polishing.

Thanks everybody for their feedback, suggestions and all the positive reviews!

SlimeHead Boss Fixes

  • Boss chest with loot is spawned when boss is killed.
  • Spawns large soul when killed which resurrect one of the players if dead.
  • Boss attacks does smaller knockbacks so players should not get knocked to the pit so easily.
  • Boss attacks properly hits enemies.
  • You cannot roll/evade through wave of thorns attack. Use jumps!
  • Fixed bug where slimeballs spawned by the boss could get invisible and stuck above the pit.
  • Slimeballs don't ignore decoy anymore and can be frozen.


  • Changed head/body proportions of barbarian and assassin classes.
  • Chests now have only 2 phases when lockpicking.
  • Fanfare when chest is opened is not so loud.
  • Iron boots can open chests without lockpicking.
  • Iron boots breaks spikes.
  • New shrinking disease.
  • Skeletons has smaller chance to spawn torso on death.
  • Jumping potion: gives jumping disease (which grants double jump if untreated).
  • Exploding barrels are spawned immediately when a player gets pyroman curse.
  • Options menu highlights different controls bound to the same keyboard key.


  • Turtle shell armor now drops pizza on hit (yay!)
  • Fixed a bug, when whirlwind and charged attacks did not hit/push enemies.
  • You can't roll/evade through spikes without taking damage anymore.
  • When exiting level players won't take damage while level statistics menu is shown.
  • Stomper enemy: stomps from jumps now hit other enemies in the area as well.

Pirate class is still under construction. We at least added, that rum disappears after usage, so pirate can use potions now.

We plan to focus on items next week to add some more variety.