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Vitality 80
Strength 5
Movement Speed 100%
Spell Damage 0
Notes Uses a cannon instead of dashing, peg legs: cannot use boots, strong kicks and stomps, has bottle of rum, fully regenerates while drunk, parrot attacks monsters
An example of a Pirate.
Pirate is one of six playable classes in Rampage Knights, and can only be used after completing the Challenge Sailing the Seven Seas. The Pirate wields a Cutlass which is quick and moderately powerful. He also has strong kicks and stomps due to his peg legs, but cannot use boots. The Pirate starts the game with a bottle of Rum in the potion slot which can be drunk. This leads to a disorienting effect, causing the screen to wobble and the character to sway when running and move more slowly. However, it will also cause the player to regenerate all their health when they enter a new room. This drunk effect wears off after time.

Instead of a dash attack, the pirate has a cannon. This is activated like a regular dash attack and fires cannonballs in the direction the player is facing, causing damage to enemies, and knocking them backwards and to the ground. The player cannot move up and down whilst firing the cannon, although players can change the direction they are facing. The cannon has a 8 second reload time.

The Pirate is accompanied by a Naughty Parrot, which will attack enemies.


The Pirate's cannon is best used against large groups of enemies, as it can hit multiple targets at once. Players cannot move up or down the screen when firing, so players should be sure they are aiming accurately before letting off a volley. Players can however look both forwards and backwards, letting them attack in both directions. The cannon takes a short time to fire. If players are hit during this period, they will be interrupted and will have to try and fire again. Such, players should stand at least a short distance away from any enemies before attempting to fire, reducing the chance of getting hit during this time. Since the cannon can knock enemies backwards, it can be a useful way of knocking enemies into chasms, avoiding potentially damaging fights.

The Pirate's rum causes a disorienting effect, but this is easily offset by it's healing properties. Players should save Rum for later, more difficult rooms, where they are likely to take large amounts of damage. This will be healed when they enter the next room.


  • Version 1.3:
    • When pirate gets drunk by drinking from keg, the regeneration is triggered immediately.
  • Version 1.2:
    • Fixed bug where closing ingame menu with vsync disabled could make the pirate drink his rum.
  • Version 0.23:
    • Pirate's Rum received at the start doesn't count towards the Tasty Bewerage achivevement to prevent cheating.
  • Version 0.18:
    • Pirate has a cannon which replaces his dash attack. Cannon ball knocks enemies back, crushes shields and its damage grows with your weapon damage.
    • 0.18 - Parrot pecks enemies once in a while if they get close.
    • 0.18 - While drunk the pirate fully regenerates in every new room.
    • 0.18 - Drunken Master effect: All classes has 50% chance to automatically dodge incoming damage while drunk.
  • 0.7:
    • Rum disappears after usage, allowing other potions to be used.
The old look of the Pirate.


  • Despite the pirate's description stating that he "Has bottle of Rum and will not replace it", the Pirate's rum can be replaced with another potion after drinking it. This change occurred in Update 0.7.

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Sailing the seven seas

Complete Give me the booty, Open sesame, and Early in the morning challenges Unlocks Pirate Class