Pits and the Pendulum

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Before the fight.
The Pits and the Pendulum is a boss.



The fight takes place in a room with a chasm in each corner. These are useful for quickly killing enemies by throwing them into the pit using a carousel attack. Players can start the boss fight by destroying the chain in the centre of the room.

First Phase

The Pendulum will appear, and swing between the left and right sides of the room. The Pendulum will cause large amounts of damage to players it contacts, knocking them to the ground. Several enemies will spawn, including a large Knight. Players need to lure the Knight to the centre of the room so it is hit by the Pendulum. This will knock the Pendulum to the ground, during which time it can be attacked. Players must do this multiple times, repeatedly causing damage.

Second Phase

In the second phase of the fight, multiple chains will fall from the ceiling. The locations that these will appear is indicated by a red circle. Players must destroy all these chains. During this time, enemies will continue to spawn. The Pendulum will occasionally appear in the centre of the room, spawning many spikeballs which will cause damage to the player.