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Roasted.png Deal 5000 points of burn damage.

How to beat the challenge

Players must cause 5000 points of burn damage, which is indicated by an orange hit marker. Players can use the Flame Orb spell to cast fireballs at enemies, causing fire damage. Spells are held in the first item slot, which can be accessed by using '1' on a keyboard, or the direction pad on an Xbox controller. They can then be used by pressing 'S' on a keyboard, or 'Y' on an Xbox controller.

The Heels on Fire boots set the ground around the player on fire, which can burn enemies. The Matchstick weapon also sets the ground on fire when the player uses a Dash Attack (hold attack button then press left or right).

The Flaming Sword and Sword of Pyromancy also cause fire damage, in addition to regular damage.


Burn time x2.