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Name Description
Scroll of Armor.png Scroll of Armor Creates random armor.
Scroll of Black Magic.png Scroll of Black Magic Spell damage +10. Gives random curse.
Scroll-of-Blessings.png Scroll of Blessings Gives a random blessing.
Scroll of Builder.png Scroll of Builder Creates blocks above all chasms.
Scroll of Duping.png Scroll of Duping Duplicates a random item near you.
Scroll-of-Escape.png Scroll of Escape Opens all the doors.
Scroll of Freeze.png Scroll of Freeze Freezes all the enemies in the room.
Scroll of Levitation.png Scroll of Levitation Gives you levitation.
Scroll of Redemption.png Scroll of Redemption Removes all your curses.
Scroll of Transmogrification.png Scroll of Transmogrification Transforms all the items in the room.

Related Challenges

Name Description Reward
Scribbler.png Scribbler Use 3 scrolls None