Slime Head

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Slime Head.png
The Slime Head with one shoulder destroyed.
A dead Slime Head.
Slime Head is a boss that can appear after completing the Tomb. The boss fight will not begin right away, giving players time to prepare. Players can begin the fight by attacking the Slime Head.


The chasm covered by the Scroll of Builder.
Avoiding the thorns.
There is an eyeball located on each of the Slime Head's shoulders. These can only be damaged when the eye is open, so players will need to wait for the right time to strike. However, they do not need to be destroyed to kill the boss.

Players need to damage the eyeball located on the head of the Slime Head. This can only be damaged by jumping then attacking. This eye can only be damaged when fully open.

The Scroll of Builder can be used to cover the chasm at the left side of the room, preventing the player from falling in to it. This is especially useful in countering the Slime Head's blizzard attack. However, enemies will not fall into the chasm either, so the player will have to deal with them.

Players with the Flying Carpet can hover over the chasm to avoid the Thorns attack.

Getting too close to the Slime Head or standing underneath it will cause players to get damaged by it's stomp.

The Slime Head is not immune to poison, making using a poisoned weapon an effective tactic.


The Slime Head has multiple attacks.


The Slime Heads stomps on the ground, sending out a wave of thorns which need to be jumped over. If the player comes into contact with these they are damaged and knocked to the ground. This attack happens in waves of four, so if a player is knocked down they may be hit by subsequent thorns before they can get up again. Thorns also damage the smaller enemies produced by the Slime Head.


An icy wind blows the player towards a chasm on the left side of the room.

Slime Balls

Multiple smaller enemies are produced by the shoulders of the Slime Head.


Multiple smaller enemies are produced by the Slime Head.

Related Challenges

Challenge Description Reward


Kill your first boss None


  • Version 1.7:
    • Freezing waves spawned by ice wizards (and thorn wave of the Slimehead boss) are stopped by pits and walls.