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There are several Spells and Offhand Weapons that players may find. They are held in the first item slot, which can be accessed by using '1' on a keyboard, or the direction pad on an Xbox 360 controller. They can then be used by pressing 'S' on a keyboard, or 'Y' on an Xbox 360 controller.

Only one spell or offhand weapon can be held at a time.

Spells and Offhand Items

Name Description
Arcane orb ground.png
Arcane Orb Charges massive ball of arcane energy.
Book from the Cabin.png
Book from the Cabin Curses enemies. Every hit to them is critical.
Canned Tornado.png
Canned Tornado Whirls you through the battlefield.
Cyclop's Laser Eye ground.png
Cyclop's Laser Eye Mutates your face into a Cyclop's Laser Eye.
Decoy Creates a magical decoy.
Dwarven Contraption.png
Dwarven Contraption Multitool that traps enemies, opens chests and builds bridges.
Flame Orb Ground.png
Flame Orb Hurls balls of fire onto your enemies.
Freedom giver.png
Freedom Giver Delivers freedom to your enemies.
Frost Orb Creates freezing breeze.
Lightning Rod.png
Lightning Rod Throws lightning bolts randomly.
Magic Missiles.png
Magic Missiles Releases swarm of magical projectiles.
Rain of Arrows.png
Rain of Arrows Casts storm of arrows from the sky.
Sparkling Orb.png
Sparkling Orb Creates chain lightnings.
Teleporter Stone Ground.png
Teleporter Stone Teleports you to the edge of the room.
War Horn You become faster and stronger for 10 seconds.