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Tasy-beverage.png Drink up 200 potions.

How to beat the challenge

An Adventurer drinking a potion.
To beat this challenge, players must drink 200 potions. The following potions are available:
Image Name Description
Ass Potion.png
Ass Potion Has a shocking effect.
Demonic Mixture.png
Demonic Mixture Gives full health, random demonic power and a curse.
Dirty Medicine.png
Dirty Medicine Heals for 50 HP. Gives a random disease.
Elven Cure.png
Elven Cure Removes poison and diseases.
Health Potion.png
Health Potion Heals for 40 HP.
Holy Water.png
Holy Water Removes a random curse.
Jumping Potion.png
Jumping Potion Gives jumping disease. Overcome that to get double jump.
Potion of Giant's Strength.png
Potion of Giant's Strength Gives blessing Giant's Strength. You grow bigger and stronger.
Potion of Vitality.png
Potion of Vitality Permanently raises your vitality by 10.
Replenishing Potion.png
Replenishing Potion Heals for 10 HP. Refills itself in a new room.
Small Health Potion Heals for 20 HP.
Mountainer's Schnaps Makes you temporarily stronger, but kicks really hard.
Murky Water Looks suspicious.
Mysterious Potion.png
Mysterious Potion Has an unknown effect.
Rum Burns poison and diseases. Raises your strength. Makes you drunk.

Potions can be bought from Goblin Wares, rooms that appear randomly in the Courtyard onwards. They can also be bought from a Potion Cabinet, which again appears randomly in rooms. Potions may also be found in Chests, or by destroying decorations.


Healing from potions +20%.