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Npc alchemist.png
Description The Alchemist
Notes Cannot be interacted with.
Tim animated.gif
Tim is one of the travellers trapped in the Enchanted Forest, along with the player. He is described as 'the man of magic with the mysterious cauldron'. Previously, Tim could be talked to after completing the Man at War challenge in order to enter the Shadow World. This can now be done by interacting with the Rune Panel and entering the Portal.

Tim is an old man with white eyebrows and a white beard. He wears blue robes and a purple wizards hat, and holds a staff. He stands near a cauldron.


Tim says the following quotes:

Mandrake root is overrated. I prefer anchovies.
Some mushrooms have quite surprising effects!
The camp is now full of lost travellers. You are welcome here as well.
No! For the last time I don't have the "naked ladies" spell.
Don't drink so many health potions, or you will grow a tail!
I made a potion of truth once. It was a mistake.
I sense a powerful magic here. It's a dream and we can't wake up.



  • Version 1.7:
    • There is now a portal in the camp which you can use to enter a Shadow World or the Endless Dungeon. The Shadow World is not entered by talking to Tim anymore.


  • In the game files, Tim is referred to as 'npc_alchemist'.