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Not to be confused with Warlock (enemy), the final boss in Rampage Knights.

Description Uses power of demons to fight and stay alive.
Vitality 40
Strength 5
Movement Speed 100%
Spell Damage 10
Notes When at least one demon reaches it's final stage warlock is protected from death, familiars refuse to join you out of fear
An example of a Warlock.
A Force Gem refusing to join a Warlock.
Warlock is one of six playable classes and uses the power of demons to fight and stay alive. He has 40 vitality and 5 strength, 40 vitality less than the standard Adventurer class, these may be increased to 90 vitality and 10 strength through It's not lupus and One man army respectively. In casual vitality is increased by 10, and in insane it is decreased by 10.

The Warlock starts with +10 spell damage The Warlock summons and upgrades demons. These demons will shoot fireballs, with more upgraded demons shooting more fireballs at a time. Fully upgraded Demons shoot three fireballs in a fan forwards, and one fireball backwards. When at least one demon reaches its final stage, the warlock is granted an extra life. However, other familiars will not join out of fear. All demons are lost when the player dies. Players may summon a maximum of three demons at a time. The Demons grow stronger when the player kills enemies.


The Warlock begins weak due to it's very low health, but becomes quite powerful once the player has several upgraded demons. However, if the player dies then all demons are lost, making the class difficult to play again. With other classes, it is often easiest to simply run through early levels without attacking enemies, saving time and health. However with the Warlock it is a good idea to kill these simple opponents in order to get the demons upgraded in time for the later, harder levels.

The demons can destroy barrels of TNT, which can explode, injuring player. Because of this, players should try to stay away from barrels of TNT. The fireballs fired by the demons are effective against enemies that are fire resistant, such as demons.

Since having at least one fully upgraded Demon gives the Warlock an extra life, it is a good class for reaching the end of the game in game difficulties with permadeath.



  • Version 0.13:
    • Warlock class - Warlock has low vitality but killing enemies will summon and upgrade demonic familiars for him to help in battle. Any familiar upgraded to maximum level prevents warlock from dying. Warlock cannot pick other familiars (they are too scared to join).

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