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The 'Warlock is the final boss in Rampage Knights, and the master of the Dark Castle.


The first phase of the Warlock is encountered in the second room of the Laboratory. The fight starts automatically, so players should be prepared.

Melee Attack

The Warlock has a basic melee attack that hits for approximately 80 damage.

Spinning Attack

The Warlock spins around rapidly, causing quick damage, following the player. The Warlock looks to the sky before beginning the attack, so players should look for this and move away when it happens. To avoid the Warlock when being followed, players can run around it in a circle. Performing the evade move will help players do this quickly.


The Warlock shouts "You dare to face me?!" and a copy of the Warlock appears. Both copies need to be killed.

The Thing

The second form is "the thing". This appears after the Warlock's first form has been killed.


The Thing firing projectiles.
Projectiles fall from the sky. The locations that they are going to land is indicated by a red circle. Players should avoid these.


The thing spawns multiple smaller enemies, such as Goblins and Skeletons.

Sky Battle

The Warlock grows things and flies away. Players should exit the room to continue. Players will appear outside the castle. Players can prepare for the final fight by using the potions on the ground, and destroying any decorations present to find further food or potions. They should then select a mount and move to the right. All mounts have the same stats. Players can shoot fireballs by pressing the jump button, and can continue to use their melee weapon by using the attack button. Potions, spells and modifiers cannot be used, but health cannisters can be collected to restore health. Familiars will continue to function.


The Warlock will spawn crystals to protect it. These can be destroyed using the fireballs or melee attacks.


The Warlock charging forward.
The Warlock will turn red and charge forward. Players will need to move out of the way to avoid taking damage.

Fire Bats

Fire Bats surround the Warlock.
Fire Bats will appear and shoot fireballs at the player.


The Warlock shooting fireballs.
The Warlock will shoot fireballs at the player.

The old ending screen.


  • Version 1.2:
    • Barriers spawned by the final boss can be destroyed by projectiles.
    • Removed "floatiness" of the player's flying controls in the final boss fight.