Whip it good

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Whip-it-good.png Build the hit counter up to 50.

How to beat the challenge

This is a difficult challenge to complete. To beat it, players should have low damage and high attack speed. This will allow players to hit enemies many times before killing them, building up the hit counter. Using either a Butchers Knife or Cleaver is recommended, as these are weak but fast, and relatively easy to find. The Swordmaster's Belt will also increase attack speed. It is also recommended that players increase their movement speed. This will allow them to move onto and attack the next enemy without losing the hit counter. Boots of Wind will increase movement speed, whilst the Flying Carpet will decrease it. Items that increase strength such as the Potion of Giant's Strength should be avoided, whilst items such as armor can be useful in keeping the player alive. The Canned Tornado spell can be extremely useful, as it allows for rapid hits.

Once players have collected as many of the above items as they can, they will need to find a large number of enemies. Playing on Hard or Insane difficulty will increase the number of enemies to spawn in each room, but will also make playing harder. Playing on casual will allow players to repeat a room if they die, giving multiple chances to complete the challenge.

One tactic is to hopefully find a Totems of Death room. Here, three Totems will be in a room, and will spawn enemies when attacked. Players can attack the totems to increase their hit count, then move on to the large numbers of enemies once the totem is dead. The chances of successfully gaining the achievement depends on the enemies present, with opponents such as the Knight making things difficult as they can knock the player down. Because of this, it may take several tries.


Hit counter stays on longer.